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Do We Create Our Own Monsters?

Updated: Apr 17

There is a parable of three blind men, each touching an elephant in different places. The first blind man touches the elephant’s trunk and says, “An elephant is like a snake.” The second blind man, while touching the elephant’s leg, says, “You’re wrong. An elephant is like a great trunk of a tree.” The third blind man, touching the side of the massive animal, says, “You both are wrong. An elephant is like a brick wall.” Each man thinks he is right, and the others are wrong. They are all describing different parts of the same elephant.

What if Paranormal Investigators, Demonologist, and Ghost Hunters are the three blind men? Each is experiencing a paranormal event and interpreting it by how they interact with it due to their preconceived notions.

Ghost Hunters label everything a ghost that's either a Residual Ghost, Interactive Ghost, Poltergeist, or Wandering Soul are just some of the few labels I have seen.

Paranormal Investigators used similar labels, but they also used terms like orbs and entities for ghosts that do not fall in a specific bucket above and may not even appear human. These include “Thought-Forms” that it is believed people have created to exist due to “Belief making it Reality!” like Slenderman or Rakes. In witchcraft, creating a thought-form is a known and practice belief.

Demonologists and priests label everything as demons because their belief doesn’t allow for spirits of the dead in anything but one of 3 locations like Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory. You do have some forward-thinking ones that see Earth as Purgatory, but most don’t. Like myself, people who have studied religion know those “locations” were created by man in rewritings of the bible over the centuries.

I once belonged to a group whose leader felt any spirit that was “mean” was a demon. He was far from Christian, and he saw himself as a holy man simply because he purchased a membership to become ordained and could barely pronounce the words in the bible. I bought a membership myself to prove a point. The Great ‘Order of Exorcist’ also requires just a fee to join. These days, anyone who owns a couple of books with information on demons calls themselves Demonologists. That would make me a demonologist too. I have only known a few true experts, and they are few and far apart.

I am not here to massage any group’s ego. I am here to state facts; something people don’t want to hear.

I suggest we go into an investigation with an “Open Mind” and let the evidence paint an accurate picture.

We do see in common that some of these Paranormal Investigator Teams, Ghost Hunters, or Demonologists publish their books, do their tv shows, and no longer do the small cases but the sensational ones in famous locations. So, in the end, They are all the same!

RT, Founder

Tower Paranormal Investigations

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