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Investigating the Haunted Cashtown Inn This Weekend! April 1-3,2022

Updated: Apr 17

The Cashtown Inn has been around since 1797 and was named Cashtown because the owner only accepted cash. Credit cards were introduced in 1950, so he wasn't referring to them. In that time, people probably traded livestock and services for rooms.

During the weeks leading up to the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863, the confederate soldiers took it over and made it their headquarters. Confederate generals Robert E. Lee and Ambrose Powell Hill maintained offices on the inn's top floor.

Robert E.Lee

A.P. Hill

Later on as the Battle ensued in Gettysburg, Injured soldiers were sent there an the inn became a hospital. Any injuries that soldiers experienced in the arms and legs were usually amputated and the discared limbs were thrown out the back door. The piles were so high that it would block out the side windows from light.

Another reason for the inn's popularity as an inpatient hospital is that an underwater stream runs through the basement and provides fresh water for the residents and for washing medical equipment. The fact that paranormal activity appears to be more common near water, such as in lakes, streams, etc., has almost become a consensus. Possibly, water acts as an energizer or a storage vessel for the energy spirits need. Railroads seem to function similarly.

The whole inn according to witnesses is haunted but the rooms with the highest activity are the Robert E. Lee Room and the A.P Hill Room. Out of the two , the A.P. Hill supposively has the highest activity from witnesses being touched, pushed, smelling cigar smoke, someone laying on their bed and rocking the rocking chair back and forth.

The shows Ghost Hunter (Season 4 Episode 4 " Fear Cage" an Kindred Spirits (Season 5 Episode 6 "Dead Stop") conducted investigations here with positive results.

Sam Elliot, the famous actor, while filming the movie "Gettysburg" stayed here. The story goes he stayed there 2 nights before leaving and demanding they get him another place to stay but never said why. Did he experience something?? There are many stories of people running out and leaving from finishing out the night in the inn.

So, I will be staying in the A.P. Hill room and setting up cameras, doing a few youtube videos, posting pics on Instagram and blogging. Follow me and maybe you will experience it for yourself.

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